RFID in Construction Management Team

Harry P. Pappas - Chairman

Harry P. Pappas has been directly involved in the RFID, RTLS and Wireless industries since 1998, with “hands-on” experience in a wide variety of RFID and wireless projects across several industries including: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and medical instruments, manufacturing, warehousing, food, and transportation. Harry is an internationally recognized RFID industry spokesperson who has been presenting educational programs around the world since the year 2000 helping to educate end users about the many uses and benefits of RFID and RTLS technologies. In April of 2004, Pappas with support of industry collogues from the USA and Europe  founded the International RFID Business Association (RFIDba), an internationally recognized, not for profit, educational, vendor neutral, trade association serving the educational and business needs of end users from around the globe. He is the Founder, Pres. & CEO of the RFIDba. The RFIDba has affiliates in many countries and is very visible at many vertical industry trade shows and conferences in all regions of the world. The RFIDba, with the support and cooperation of subject matter experts in a number of vertical industries and academicians, produces University Level, Educational Master Classes annually, in all parts of the globe. On Sept. 10, 2008, Pappas with the support of many healthcare industry professionals, RFID, RTLS, and wireless technology industry leaders, along with the support of the FDA, FCC, NIST and the academic community in the USA, co-founded the “RFID in Healthcare Consortium”(RHCC). Mr. Pappas speaks at many healthcare and medical device conferences and trade shows around the world on the many benefits of RFID and RTLS technologies to improve hospital operating efficiencies, improve patient safety and provide real time visibility to patients, staff, and assets. The RHCC provides educational programs to the Healthcare industry as well as the Assisted Living and Nursing Home Industries.

Dr. Jose Faria - President & CEO

Fran Rabuck - Senior VP & COO

Ed Koch - VP Industry Adaptation & Strategic Planning  

Dr. Patrick King - VP & CTO

Dr. King is the current leader for global electronics strategies for Michelin. His activities heavily involve external electronics supplier relations as well as product development program support around the world. Prior to joining Michelin Dr. King was founder of Technologies ROI, LLC consulting within the Supply Chain Industry and before that VP. Engineering for Marconi Infochain an ASP and RFID solutions provider. Dr. King past includes a long history of products and achievements in the general field of AutoID in nine vertical industries. Dr. King has over 30 patents in the fields of Autoidentification, RFID, Imaging, Lasers and Printing and publishes regularly in RFID trade journals. He is a member of Global AIDC 100, AIMGlobal REG and Michelin representative to EPC, contributor RFID for Dummies, the 2006 Percival AIDC GlobalAwardee by AIM Global and recently the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award for 2007 by the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group).

Dr. Boong Yeol Ryoo

David Grau - VP Education

David Grau currently holds an Assistant Professor position at The University of Alabama. Recently, his work has focused on combining lean principles and advanced sensing and information technologies to improve craft labor productivity for construction processes. Work in this area has resulted in the timely automation of asset tracking processes on the job sites by combining sensing devices and localization techniques, a work that has received a widespread attention from capital investors, contractors, and media. Prior to his academic career, David has worked as a corporate manager for more than seven years both leading an engineering department and managing a diversity of projects in South and Central America, and Europe. David is a registered Industrial Engineer in Spain and holds both a M.S. and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Thomas Tilton - VP Membership Development

Evie Bennett - VP Marketing

Evie Bennett is a Partner and Vice President at William Frick & Co, an award winning  manufacturer of harsh environment tags, labels, and RFID products. Specifically she leads the sales team in establishing goals and market strategies to obtain and profitable results.  Her 21 years of experience at Frick, in vertical markets, produced product opportunity awareness in the Energy and Telecommunications industries, specifically engaging with the engineering/design/construction, and maintenance divisions. Specialty harsh environment RFID tags was a natural new product, resulting from years of manufacturing electric utility barcode labels , used outdoors from manholes to transmission towers. Prior to William Frick & Co., Evie worked for Exxon/Mobil and Siemens Medical Systems. Entrepreneurial in spirit, she enjoys the daily challenges of growing a company and making an impact in business, as well as the personal satisfaction of making a difference.  After years at large companies, she understands the corporate protocol, but thrives in a small company where she can get the task at hand completed. She completed her BS in Business Administration, with minors in Marketing and Political Science from Carthage College, Kenosha WI. Believing in the importance to stay connected with educational institutions, she serves on an Advisory Board, and also serves as a Business/Marketing alumni mentor to graduating students at Carthage.

Scott Denholm - VP for Conferences and Trade shows

Scott Denholm is the President of Outlaw Technologies a company offering visibility and tracking solutions as well as a variety of consulting services. With more than 20 years of emerging technology experience in product development, project management and business development Scott is recognized as an RFID and tracking technologies industry expert. His extensive background in strategic and creative solutions has made him a cornerstone for many key projects and a valued consultant for many RFID professionals. Prior to founding Outlaw Technologies, Scott  worked with such prominent RFID and security electronics companies as Motorola, Symbol Technologies, Sensormatic and Tyco Safety Products . Scott holds 2 engineering patents and has been published in numerous industry trade magazines. He serves as a contributor to the RFID in Construction Consortium.

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