International RFIDba Technology Advisory Board

Pete Abell

Pete Abell is providing business development for Visible Assets. The focus is on difficult environments where metal, humans, and liquids interact with safety and security issues. Pete has advised Wal*Mart and has worked with Lockheed/Savi and a number of Global Suppliers to Wal*Mart and the DoD to implement RFID. This includes the Container Security Initiative and other import regulations on goods going to the US or EU from Asia. Prior, Pete was responsible for managing AMR Research’s Global Retail Industry Service ensuring that the research focused on key retail industry issues and concentrated on RFID.  As a client of AMR, Marks & Spencer became the largest supply chain implementation of RFID in the world during and after the AMR relationship. His experience with RFID goes back to 1984 with the introduction of RF based electronic shelf labels at Loblaws in Canada. Pete worked extensively for Jewel Companies, first as Representative to the UPC Committees during the selection process for UPC, then as their Advanced Development Manager. As Advanced Development Manager, Peter worked with all of the operating divisions of food, drug, discount, convenience and home center for technology and vendor selections and implementation. Before true commercial work he worked in the Navy and at Raytheon and MIT to develop the Poseidon Guidance computer and mothered the first three firings of the system from Cape Canaveral. Pete holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the US Naval Academy and credits towards a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago.

Ken Baker

Ken Baker of NewAge Industries, Inc. (Southampton, PA), is involved with RFID technology for the tracking and identification of pharmaceutical processing equipment. As owner of a company that manufactures plastic and rubber tubing, Baker’s connection with RFID came about after his development of the AdvantaPure high-purity products line in 2001. Created to target the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, and beverage industries, AdvantaPure continues to be Baker’s primary focus. The advantages of utilizing RFID technology for tracking and identification purposes in the pharmaceutical industry quickly became apparent after the establishment of the product line, and Baker pursued opportunities. He is a strong believer in the safety and cost savings aspects of RFID and is co-author of three U.S. patents on RFID technology application involving AdvantaPure’s Hose Track and PET Process Equipment Tracking systems and GammaTag gamma-radiation-resistant RFID tags. Baker has over 20 years experience in the tubing and hose industry. His father, Raymond Baker, started NewAge Industries in 1954, and Baker joined the company in 1985. He and his father also own majority interest in Colex International Limited, a tubing and hose manufacturer located in Leicestershire, U.K., which has helped both companies establish a worldwide presence. NewAge Industries won the Greater Philadelphia Family Business Award, organized by the University of Pennsylvania’s famed Wharton Business School, in 1998. Baker initiated an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) in 2006. Baker is a member of several local business organizations and an active member of the community. He invites area high school students to intern at NewAge Industries each summer as part of a mentoring program. As a Board of Directors member for the Montgomery County Community College Foundation (Blue Bell, PA), Baker is involved with fund raising for scholarships, grants, and campus cultural activities. He is also a generous contributor to local and national charities and sponsors events at NewAge Industries such as American Red Cross blood drives and the Toys for Tots program.

Ian Bell, Sales Director
Savi Lockhead Martin

Ian Bell joined Savi Technology 2005 as Sales Director for the company's International business unit. Savi, a Lockheed Martin company, delivers directly and via Partners, enterprise-wide asset tracking and visibility solutions for major corporations and militaries around the world. Savi's Active RFID product set enables the world's largest RFID network (50 + countries), whilst supporting all Auto-ID data-capture methodologies. Prior to Savi, Iain has held numerous leadership positions with international corporations, including: Managing Director of Technology Partner, Managing Director for Transition Networks EMEA and Sales Director, Northern Europe, Allied Telesyn International.

Evie Bennett, Partner and Vice President
William Frick & Co

Evie Bennett is a Partner and Vice President at William Frick & Co, an award winning  manufacturer of harsh environment tags, labels, and RFID products. Specifically she leads the sales team in establishing goals and market strategies to obtain and profitable results.  Her 21 years of experience at Frick, in vertical markets, produced product opportunity awareness in the Energy and Telecommunications industries, specifically engaging with the engineering/design/construction, and maintenance divisions. Specialty harsh environment RFID tags was a natural new product, resulting from years of manufacturing electric utility barcode labels , used outdoors from manholes to transmission towers. Prior to William Frick & Co., Evie worked for Exxon/Mobil and Siemens Medical Systems. Entrepreneurial in spirit, she enjoys the daily challenges of growing a company and making an impact in business, as well as the personal satisfaction of making a difference.  After years at large companies, she understands the corporate protocol, but thrives in a small company where she can get the task at hand completed. She completed her BS in Business Administration, with minors in Marketing and Political Science from Carthage College, Kenosha WI. Believing in the importance to stay connected with educational institutions, she serves on an Advisory Board, and also serves as a Business/Marketing alumni mentor to graduating students at Carthage.

Liz Churchill

Liz has 25 years experience in delivering solutions to improve supply chain logistics and manufacturing, health care and retail operations.  During the past few years, Liz has been dedicated to expanding the development and understanding of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.  A well known RFID veteran, Liz spearheaded the Life Sciences efforts at Matrics (acquired by Symbol and later by Motorola), which resulted in the first integrated RFID installations in the pharmaceutical arena.  Liz is a recognized expert in AIT (automatic identification technology) applications and has been a popular speaker and panel participant at numerous industry conferences and forums. Liz was the system architect for eProvenance’s solution which authenticates and tracks fine wines from producer to consumer, utilizing leading-edge technologies such as RFID.  A graduate of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Liz received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Scott Cobb, SVP Federal & Healthcare Systems
Shipcom Wireless

Scott Cobb is SVP Federal & Healthcare Systems at Shipcom Wireless, an RFID, Enterprise Mobility, an RFID, Enterprise Mobility, and Business Integration Solution provider based in Houston, TX.  Mr. Cobb is responsible for Shipcom’s Healthcare Solutions Business Practice. Mr. Cobb has spent the past 31 years in Sales/Marketing of AIDC technology across multiple vertical markets including healthcare manufacturing, supply chain, and others. Mr. Cobb has spoken at numerous industry trade shows and events across North America, Europe and APAC. Most recently Mr. Cobb was responsible for Shipcom’s award for a multi-year technology contract with the Air Force Surgeon Generals office to implement RFID at the Air Force’s Keesler Medical Center.  This contract is to review current clinical/business processes, create application specific business cases, and validate with implementation of RFID. Mr. Cobb’s experience includes 20 years with Intermec Corporation where he was General Manager for Eastern US and 4 years with Symbol Technologies as VP Business Development and later VP Product Marketing.  In addition Mr. Cobb was VP Sales for Peak Technologies where was responsible for their AIDC, RFID, Mobility, and SAP practices. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and has attended executive management courses at Wharton, Columbia and Southern Methodist University.

Ken Lee, CTO
CBS Technology

Ken Lee is the Chief Technology Officer of CBS Technology, a public listed software firm in Malaysia and having presence through partners in South East Asian countries, China and Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Lee specializes in RFID technologies and has worked with many clients in banking, manufacturing, logistics and government agencies. Various industry awards have been bestowed to CBS for the solutions it has developed. Mr. Lee has garnered 20 years of IT experience working with various companies including multi-national companies like, IBM Australia, IBM Malaysia, Softbank and CNL International Technologies.  Mr. Lee is a founding member of the International RFID Business Association (RFIDba). 

Mark Rheault, President and CEO
Intelligent InSites

Mark Rheault provides strategic vision and executive directions for Intelligent InSites – the market and technology leader in providing enterprise visibility solutions for healthcare. Rheault's innovative spirit and his extensive healthcare and technology experience led to the creation of the InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform™ - a standard for process automation in healthcare. In the past, Rheault operated an executive consulting practice addressing the technology needs of healthcare organizations, and provided product designs for a web-based home automation solution, which won the Consumer Electronics Show "Best of Show" award in 2001 and again in 2002. Rheault also spent five years as the leader of the web application development group at MeritCare Health System, one of the largest integrated delivery networks in the U.S. Rheault holds an MBA from North Dakota State University and a BS in Business from Southern Illinois University. He is the founder of the RFID Consortium for Healthcare, a member of the Advisory Committee for the NDSU Center of Technology Enterprise, an Alien Technology Fellow, and a certified PMI Project Management Professional. Rheault has been widely recognized by the community for creating high-tech jobs in North Dakota and his entrepreneurial achievements.

John C. Shoemaker, Executive Vice President
Identec Solutions

John C. Shoemaker is currently Executive Vice President for Ekahau, Inc., of Reston, VA. Ekahau is a real time location system (RTLS) supplier using Wi-Fi systems to track and trace assets and people to improve business processes, affect safety and reduce costs and is primarily focused in the Healthcare industry. John Shoemaker has over 20 years experience in the auto identification and RFID industry, holding executive level positions in sales, marketing, product management, and services at Computer Identics, Intermec, TransCore, Symbol Technologies and most recently as President of Shipcom Wireless where he worked on a healthcare project for the U.S. Air Force and the Surgeon General's office. He has also worked extensively in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. John has a BBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MBA from Suffolk University, Boston, MA, and is a former U.S. Army infantry officer.

Nicholas Tsougas, Director of the Insight Program
Oracle Corporation for DOD initiatives

Nicholas Tsougas is currently employed as the Director of the Insight Program at Oracle Corporation for DOD initiatives since March 2007. He has previously consulted in the information technology (AIT)-Automatic Identification Technology, most notably in active and passive RFID-Radio Frequency Identification, and Supply Chain Management areas in both the government and private sector. Nick has over 29 years of experience with a variety of DOD Fortune 500, and technology start-up companies, as well as several years consulting to these organizations.

Craig Weakly, Managing Member
RF Design Studios LLC

Craig Weakley is Managing Member at RF Design Studios LLC developing specialized RFID products and testing services. He previously served as Technical Director for RCD Technology Inc, responsible for product development.  RCD Technology Inc is a manufacturer of passive HF and UHF RFID inlays, labels, and wristbands.  Prior to RCD Technology Inc, he worked for Avery Dennison’s RFID Division to develop the manufacturing processes, materials, and quality test systems to assemble RFID inlays and labels.  Mr. Weakley has more than 27 years of engineering and management experience.  He has held various senior engineering and management positions at e-star, Deskin Research Group, and Lockheed Missiles and Space Company.  Craig Weakley earned a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and is a 25 year member of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society.  He has eleven published patents which include eight radio frequency identification patents; one for “Signal Processing technique for an Object Detection System” and three for “Multiple Beam Antenna system for simultaneously receiving multiple satellite signals”.

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