Vision and Mission


The vision of the RFID Construction Consortium is to globally advocate the safe and effective use of RFID and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies, sensors, and associated wireless-based technologies through quality, relevant, and timely educational programs designed to address the specific needs of the global construction industry.


The mission of the RFID Construction Consortium (RCC) is to establish and promote the successful use of wireless technologies through educational programs that impact on many areas of the construction industry around the world. These educational programs may include: certification, quality assurance, components visibility, tracking and tracing and safety. The RFIDCC will fulfill its mission by delivering not only educational programs, but share best practices, lessons learned, demonstrate support for standards, develop and benchmark specifications and sponsorship of events for all interested parties within the construction industry.

What sets this consortium apart from other RFID organizations is the dedication to the unique requirements/needs represented by the construction industry not likely treated justly by other non-vertically aligned groups.

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