The International RFID Business Association (RFIDba)

The International RFID Business Association (RFIDba), founded in 2004, is a not-for-profit, educational, vendor neutral, technology and frequency agnostic trade association dedicated to educating the end-user community who maybe interested in implementing RFID and RTLS technologies in their enterprise.  

The RFIDba is a global community of not only end users who are key members but also a network of like-minded, industry professionals who are experts in the implementation of RFID and RTLS technologies in many vertical industries (Please see RFIDba Professional Services).

The RFIDba advocates a holistic and systems approach to all aspects of RFID and RTLS implementation including the use of associated, complimentary technologies and software that will aid the end user in the proper understanding, adoption and use of these technologies.     

RFID and RTLS technologies include:

  • Passive RFID
  • BAP (Battery Assist Passive)
  • Active RFID
  • RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)
  • Rubee
  • NFC (Near Field Communications)

The RFIDba is not only about RFID and RTLS technologies, but it also supports and advocates the use of a number of other complementary technologies that will enable you to add additional value and receive a better Return on Investment (ROI) by combining one or more associated technologies along with RFID to solve your business problem.

The RFIDba recommends that you also learn about the following associated technologies:

  • Wi-Fi (Including 802.11 variants) incl. Bluetooth, WiMax
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band)
  • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave)
  • GPS
  • Smart Cards
  • Sensors, and all other Wireless Technologies

For simplicity we will refer to this class of technologies as RSW (RFID, Sensors and Wireless)

Vertical Industry Consortia

Another unique feature of the RFIDba that differentiates it from any other organizations is its many vertical industry consortia. These Consortia are subsidiary working groups of the RFIDba that are  operated under the management, auspices and guidleines of the RFIDba parent organization. Consortia are focused on end users and industry professionals doing business together within a given vertical industry.

Just a few of the many Consortia that are operational now and ready for you to join: 

Other interesting vertical and technologie consortia which are under development:

  • Aerospace and Defense RFID Consortium
  • RFID in Tires Consortium
  • Animal RFID Consortium
  • Rubee Consortium

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