RFID in Fashion Apparel and Footware Technology Advisory Board

Talel Hatira, RFID Solutions Sales Manager

Talel Hatira has a 15+ years of experience in field marketing and sales development in the high tech sector (SIM cards, EDGE/UMTS modules & related services, software and management platforms) for business to business directed to all kinds of industries and services (fleet management, security, smart utility metering, retailing, environmental monitoring, etc.), industrial and service applications. Talel has recently developed with IER a very thorough expertise and management skills of end-to-end  traceability & RFID solutions oriented projects in such sectors as Retail Distribution  (Fashion Apparel), Industry & Manufacturing (Asset Management), etc. Talel has previously held Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Marketing and Senior Sales positions with firms including France Telecom, Gemalto and Sierra Wireless, operating throughout Europe and in particular Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe, UK, and Spain.

Ralf Kodritsch, Head of Marketing Tags & Labels
NXP Semiconductors

Ralf Kodritsch has 10+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry and thus understands the requirements of customers who desire optimal solutions for their applications and RFID use cases. Mr. Kodritsch provides strong industry connections and insights that allow him and NXP to provide best in class services and solutions to RFID market segments, such as retail fashion, electronics and fast moving consumer goods.

Hans Peter Scheidt, Business Development Director Central Europe
Checkpoint Systems International

During his 12+ years working within the Retail market Hans Peter has held leading positions in Product Marketing, Project Management & Consulting and more recently as a Business Development Executive.  Specializing in RFID for the vast majority of this time Hans Peter led a successful project at Karstadt, managing several delivery partners to ensure customer expectations were met.  Hans Peter possesses a great ability to transfer the RFID technical capabilities to enhanced retail business processes to the benefit of the retailer.

Lothar Struckmeier, Managing Director
NordicID GmbH

Lothar has 13+ years of experience in the Auto-ID market. In 1998 he founded the DTE Automation GmbH, a company specialized in RFID integration. Four years later he joined Nordic ID, being their MD since then. With Nordic ID he brought his experience into projects like Karstadt, Charles Vögele, Gerry Weber and consulted these pilots and roll-outs. Lothar has a deep knowledge of retail processes, identifies and understands customer needs and successfully turns them into solutions. 

Torsten Strauch, Head of Business Unit

Torsten Strauch has 8+ years of experience in the AutoID/RFID industry. During these years, he has held leading sales and business development positions on enterprise, regional, and more recently on a global level as Head of Business Unit at SMARTRAC. He has been deeply involved in several fashion apparel projects since 2004 like Gerry Weber, Kaufhof and Lemmi. With the Charles Vögele project, he has been one of the winners of the RFID Journal award “best RFID implementation” in 2009. Based on his deep knowledge of the retail business, the underlying supply chain processes and merchandise management on the shop floor, he ideally combines the technical requirements with the business aspects of advanced theft protection solutions.

Heiko Tiedmann
Avery Dennison

Thomas Wythe, Sales Director EMEA
UPM Raflatec

Thomas Wythe has 7 years of experience in UPM RFID. During these years Thomas Wythe has held leading sales positions operating throughout Europe, starting as Sales Manager for Central Europe and more recently, since April 2010, as Sales Director for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He provides a very strong and highly specialized network throughout the industry. Thomas Wythe has been involved in several fashion apparel projects like Karstadt and Kaufhof.  

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