Social networking groups on LinkedIn, Plaxo and XING

Unlike other social networking groups/communities, our groups are focused on education through networking, sharing, and learning together.

Our groups are not to be used to sell any products.

It is important for you to note that many of our groups/communities are open only to qualified members of a given vertical industry and are not open to everyone. If you are not an active professional in a given industry you will not be permitted to join. Please read all of the group descriptions before applying for membership. Please let your friends know this rule.

Unlike other social networking groups, our team of professionals reviews all applications for membership to any of our groups. Note that 47% of applicants to our groups are not accepted as members as we want quality and not quantity in our groups.

Please note that all of our groups are monitored by a team of professionals and we have the right to remove you from our communities of professionals if you violate any of our ground rules as outlined herein.

Some ground rules for members of our social networking groups:

  1. You agree to contribute to the discussions in a very professional, business like manner and not use improper behavior. We are all here to Learn together.
  2. You agree not to spam your fellow group members or conduct data mining / harvesting and solicitation of any kind.
  3. You agree not to sell your hardware, software or other products to our members. Our groups are not vehicles for you to sell stuff.
  4. We do not permit recruiters and no job postings
  5. Please remember that we have the right to remove any one for violating any of our rules from our communities of professionals.

LinkedIn groups under development:

  • RFID in Agriculture
  • RSW in Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Industry Consortium
  • Aerospace & Defense RFID Consortium
  • RFID in Packaging
  • RFID on Metal
  • RFID in DOD, Military/Defense
  • RFID in Government
  • RSW in Intermodal, maritime, transportation
  • RFID in Retail and Specialty Retail Consortium
  • Women in RFID Technologies
  • Track and Trace Technologies with RFID
  • RFID & RTLS in Maintenance and Repair Operations
  • Near Field Communications in healthcare and Life Sciences
  • RFID in Pharmaceuticals
  • RFID in Supply Chain & Logistics
  • RFID in Food & Beverage
  • RFID in Cold, Cryogenic and Thermal Supply Chain
  • Serialization in Pharmaceuticals
  • E-pedigree in Pharmaceuticals
  • RFID, RTLS, Sensors, and Wireless in Healthcare Consortium
  • RFID in Entertainment
  • Rubee Consortium
  • RFID in the Perioperative Environment
  • RFID in Healthcare Supply Chain
  • The RFID and RTLS System Integrators Alliance
  • The International RFID Business Association - Western Europe
  • The International RFID Business Association - Eastern Europe
  • Animal RFID Consortium
  • RFID in Entertainment, Hospitality and sporting events
  • RFID in Fashion, Apparel and Footwear manufacturing
  • RFID in Medical Instruments and Devices


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