RFIDba Story

The idea for the creation of this Not-for-profit, educational, vendor neutral, frequency and technology agnostic, trade association did not come about over night. Much research and effort went it to this project from may people who we met and talked to at RFID trade shows, conferences, workshops, and seminars around the world.

The more people we came in contact with, the more we realized that there was a need for an organization to provide educational information to both the RFID vendors and the end user community. There was too much “Smoke and Mirror” and too much of the “old wild west” atmosphere similar to the start of the world wide web back in the early 1990's. 

What was needed was a new vehicle to get the RFID industry better organized and in tune to the end users’ needs.  We were convinced that for the RFID and RTLS industry, (both active and passive), to grow there had to be a forum where the industry and the end user community could meet to do their RFID business together outside of the standards world. We felt that it was consequential for these two groups to work together in a collaborative manner with each understanding the other’s problems, needs, limitations, budgets, and timelines in a vendor neutral environment. 

In December of 2003, we discussed the idea with some industry leaders in Europe and the USA and we did even more thinking and in depth research to validate the concept. It was decided that it was time for the formation of an RFID organization dedicated to this industry 100%. This new organization would not be tied to other existing associations. We needed a clean break from the established machine(s). We needed new blood, new ideas, and “Out of the Box” thinking to move the industry forward in the 21st. century thus, the birth of The International RFID Business Association (RFIDba).

The RFIDba was incorporated in April of 2004 and was officially launched to the public at the former "FRONTLINE" trade show in Chicago, at the Navy Pier on Sept. 13, 2004.

The RFIDba is only as good as its members. We therefore invite you to help invent and control the future of this exciting industry by becoming an active member of the RFIDba. 
Please drop by our web site often and watch us grow and contact me with your comments and questions. 

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Thank you,

The International RFID Business Association, Inc.

Harry P. Pappas, Co-Founder, President and CEO
Stephane Pique, Co-Founder and COO 

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